The main/key features of this application are –

Different Log Levels

    The supported Log Levels (Severity) are according to the syslog protocol (RFC -3164)

  • 0 – emergency: system is unusable
  • 1 – alert: action must be taken immediately
  • 2 – critical: critical conditions
  • 3 – error: error conditions
  • 4 – warn: warning conditions
  • 5 – notice: normal but significant condition
  • 6 – info: informational messages
  • 7 – debug: debug-level messages
  • 8 – console: prints the logs in console
  • You can choose root level of the log upto which you want to show the logs
    as well as you can choose levels which you want to support in your application.

File Logging

    You can configure the files where the logs will be appended.
    By default it is appended to ./erllog.log

Log File Rotation

    By default the log files will be rotated after 10000 Bytes of file size.
    This is configurable.

syslog Appender

    It supports syslog. (RFC – 3164)
    You need to configure for this. By default the syslog is disabled.
    Please see the CONFIGURATION

Log Appender Formatting

    You can change the log formating using configuration file.
    By default the format is – [~p] ~d – ~l
    The available format definations –

  • ~p = priority, level of log
  • ~d = date and time of log . (More date formats are coming)
  • ~m = module name from where the log is generated (Currently not available)
  • ~f = function name from where the log is generated (Currently not available)
  • ~l = log message

Runtime Configurable

    Whenever you start the logger it starts with the default configuration.
    You can configure the logger at runtime without restarting the logger.


  1. More Log Appender Formatting options.
  2. Timebased file rotation.
  3. SNMP support.
  4. Mail support.
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